Providing Company


Sometimes we all need someone to sit with and chat with. So if its just sitting and having a cup of tea together or going for a walk or to an event we can provide a caring companion.  We can accompany you if you would like to take a gentle walk. This may be after surgery, due to mobility challenges or simply because you would like to walk with someone rather than alone. Pets welcome.  We can make regular visits to you  supported by phone calls, to ensure that you are not isolated. You will be encouraged to get involved in local activities, where you can meet other people. 


Help around the home

We can help with light housework such as washing up, changing the sheets or ironing. We can also provide assistance with such things as doing the laundry and taking out the bins. 

We recognise that sometimes its difficult to get to the shops. We can either take you shopping, help you select what you need, manage the checkout process, load the car and pack away on return home or we can help you with a shopping list and then shop for you. - whatever you prefer.  Please note a mileage fee applies to this service in addition to the hourly fee. 

We can work with you to ensure that personal paperwork, bills, banking etc gets dealt with in a timely manner.



Providing Transport

 We can provide transport and accompany you to appointments, social activities or day trips out.  We can collect you from home, taking you to the event or group, staying if required or leave you and collect later. Mileage fee applies.  


Carer support

  We can provide a caring person to sit for a few hours with your cared for person to give you a few hours respite.  We offer companionship and support while you have a break. We can support the person cared for in their home or take them out. Please note we do not provide an overnight service or offer personal care.  


Dog Walking and Pet care

All dogs need mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy and well. If you are struggling to walk your dog we can help.  We can walk a dog without you or if you are recovering from an illness or surgery and have lost confidence about walking your dog we will walk with you to exercise both you and the dog. We can also help you attend vet appointments with your pet.  If you are ill or admitted to hospital, we will feed & exercise small pets for as long as required. The pet will remain in its own home with regular visits plus walks for dogs.


Emotional Support


Decluttering - Working with you to declutter and organise your home. We will remove items that you no longer need or want and either reycle, take to dump or give to local charity shop.  


Life Coaching – we work with you to help you achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in your lives. We work with you, as a partner, helping you find the answers you need to create the changes you seek ( 4-6 sessions usually required and can be face to face or via the telephone)