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Total Wellbeing Matters (TWM) provides a service that is bespoke to each customer and aims to do everything possible to respect the rights of all customers by upholding the values of dignity, choice, control and independence. TWM will visit all customers at home to discuss requirements before commencement of the service. 

All services charged at £16 - £20 per hour (unless otherwise stated)- Minimum of half an hour.  £20 initial assessment fee may apply. Mileage fee for some services may be payable. Please note that this list of services provided is not definitive so please ask to see if we can help.

Shopping – either by taking someone to the supermarket and helping them select what they need, managing the checkout process, loading the car and packing away on return home or we can help a customer with a shopping list and then shop for them. Mileage fee applies.  

Dog Walking - We can walk a dog without the customer or if the person is recovering from surgery or illness and has lost confidence about walking their dog we will walk with that person to exercise both themselves and the dog. (£12.50 per hour).   

Domestic Administration -Working with the customer to ensure that personal paperwork, bills, banking etc gets dealt with.   

Decluttering - Working with the customer, clearing space or removing items they no longer need or want and dump/charity shop run. Does not include working with severe hoarding.

Transport to appointments - we will collect from home, drive to appointment, wait for the customer and return them home. Mileage fee applies. 


Vet appointments - we will collect the customer/or the pet to attend appointments, mileage charge applies. (Please note this is subject to Health & safety considerations).   

Walking - we can accompany someone who would like to take a gentle walk, this may be after surgery, due to mobility challenges or simply because they would like to walk with someone rather than alone. Pets welcome.

Pet Care - If the customer is ill & admitted to hospital, we will feed & exercise small pets for as long as required. The pet will remain in its own home with regular visits plus walks for dogs.  

Companionship visits and phone calls - we can make regular visits to customer, supported by phone calls, to ensure that they are not isolated. Customers will be encouraged to get involved in local activities, where they can meet other people.   Being active in the community - we can collect customer from home, taking them to the event or group, staying if required or leave them and collect later. Mileage fee applies.   

Sitting Service – we can provide respite for carers by offering companionship and support while they have a break. We can support the person cared for in their home or take them out. Please note we do not provide an overnight service or offer personal care.  

Life Coaching – we work with customers to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their lives. We work with each person, as a partner, helping them find the answers they need to create the changes they seek (charged at £25 per hour – 4-6 sessions usually required and can be face to face or via the telephone) 

What we don't do!   

We can't supervise medication, provide personal care or offer a cleaning service. 

We can't ignore safeguarding concerns. 

We won't disclose any personal information without the customer's consent. 

We won't store any information without the customer's consent.

We do not provide counselling or therapy. 

Mental Health First Aid Training Courses

We are now taking bookings Mental Health First Aid Training for January 2020. Please contact us for more information.

Making A Referral


Making a Referral

Total Wellbeing Matters (TWM) provides a low level support service that is bespoke to each customer and aims to do everything possible to respect the rights of all customers by upholding the values of dignity, choice, control and independence. 

TWM will visit all customers at home to discuss requirements before commencement of the service. 

If the needs of a customer change or increases to a level which cannot be met by TWM, the customer will be informed without delay, and TWM will endeavour to discuss alternative arrangements, and agree a mutually acceptable solution.

We accept referrals from individuals, social workers, GPs and community organisations.

Referrals can be made by phone, by email or by using the referral form.

The customer must be aware that the referral has been made and that Total Wellbeing Matters will be contacting them to arrange a visit.

Any concerns about the customer’s behaviour and any possible risk should be included in the referral.

Total Wellbeing Matters will endeavour to follow up any referral within 3 working days of it being received. This will take the form of a phone call to the customer to arrange a date for the initial assessment visit.

The hourly rate charged by TWM for home support services ranges from £16 - £20 per hour depending on the type of service requested. This rate will be reviewed annually. Mileage costs of 45p a mile may also be incurred for running errands, trips out, transport to appointments etc. All fees will be discussed prior to the service being implemented. A one off non refundable fee of £20 may be charged to the customer to cover the costs of the initial visit. This cost will not be payable if it is agreed that the service is not suitable for the customer. 

The customer will be advised that the minimum booking is half an hour or part therefore. The customer will be invoiced at the end of each month for all hours delivered and payment is expected within 7 days of receipt. Payment of invoices can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Receipts for payment will be issued. TWM reserves the right to terminate the agreement with customers and to suspend or terminate their account if payment is not made within a month of the invoice being issued. There are no charges incurred for cancellation of the service as long as 24 hours notice has been provided. Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice may be charged at the full rate depending on the circumstances.

TWM will endeavour to provide its services at the times and days agreed with the customer. However, there may be occasions where this is not possible due to staff absences. TWM will give as much notice of cancellation as possible but will not accept liability for any breaks in service. 

TWM provides a low level of support and does not provide personal care or administer medicines. 

We will report any safeguarding concerns to the relevant authority.

TWM expects its employees to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. TWM reserves the right for its employees to withdraw from any challenging or potentially dangerous situations and to terminate provision of service if there is deemed to be a risk to staff.

TWM takes our customer’s privacy very seriously and will only use personal data to administer customer’s accounts and provide the services requested. TWM will store data safely, share only relevant information to those who need it and will delete it six months after termination of the service. TWM will never pass customer details on to a third party for marketing purposes nor will it send customers details of offers from other companies. 

TWM does not accept responsibility for damage to the fabric, fixtures, fittings and contents of a customer’s home and the customer must have in place home and contents insurance which covers accidental damage.

Please ask to see our current policies which include safeguarding, data protection, complaints, equality & diversity, boundaries and health & safety. 

We are here to help you - get in touch to discuss your needs.


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